Responsive Design

Responsive Design

When viewing a website designed for desktop devices on a mobile device it can be a challenge to navigate. The text or buttons may be too small to click with frumpy fingers, contact telephone numbers may not be clickable, etc.

Atelier Ultimate responsive design negates these challenges – always presenting your online media in the best possible way irrespective of the size of device they are viewed on.

This means that your online media make the correct impression that very important first time they are viewed by your target audience. This will likely result in a higher return on investment.

Responsive design starts in the design concept phase. Layout needs to be planned with best practice responsive coding principles in mind so that the final design can be coded quickly and effectively. This can reduce the total investment.

In addition, new website browsers are introduced into the mix and existing ones change over time so we make it our concern to keep up with these changes to ensure that your online media remain looking the best that they can.

If your current service provider is not designing your online media to be responsive, is it not time to consider a change? Contact us now to put us to the test.

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