Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

Web Content Management Systems

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) make it possible for persons with little or no experience with HTML to upload and manage content via an intuitive web-based interface. If required, different roles can be defined for different users with different levels of permission.

This type of website is used by many companies and bloggers because of its ease of use and low cost in the long run. Once Atelier Ultimate has setup the website, most changes can be made by inexperienced users fairly easily with just a little training.

Some well-known WCMS systems include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Atelier Ultimate has experience working with these WCMS systems and can design and develop a WCMS website for you or your organisation that matches your corporate branding or service offering.

All of the WCMS systems that we produce are responsive – meaning that they display in the best possible way on whatever device your visitors are using to view your website (viz. desktop, notebook, tablet, mobile, etc.)

The website that you are currently browsing is an example of a simple WCMS WordPress website in action.

Visit the following websites to see a few examples of other WordPress websites we manage: